Polybius, Rome and the Hellenistic World: Essays and Reflections

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Finally the section concludes with two chapters on the Achaeans, the first makes a strong case for the long-term importance of the cult of Zeus Homarios and Athena Homaria as a central feature of Achaean identity, while the other, reprinted from his third Polybius commentary, The Classical Review vol. The five papers in the second section are historiographical. W begins with a chapter on Timaeus showing how the Sicilian historian sought to capture the character of the Greek west as it faced the struggle between the two barbarian powers of Rome and Carthage.

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The next chapter focuses on Polybius and his treatment of the more distant past; interestingly, Polybius' knowledge of earlier Greek history is fairly superficial until he reaches the fourth century, with the rise of Philip's Macedon and the foundation of his own hometown Megalopolis. A recurring example throughout the collection is Demetrius of Phalerum's prediction that Macedon would fall just as Persia had before; this, suggests W, made a great impression on Polybius, who had seen in his own lifetime the fulfilment of this prophecy.

Nonetheless, as W shows in 'The Idea of Decline in Polybius', the historian was never able to come up with a satisfactory theory of decline. Both this and the next chapter, 'Polybius' Perception of the One and the Many', necessarily involve discussion of the constitutional chapters of Book 6, but in each case setting them within a broader context. The section concludes with a chapter on the relative r6les of practical utility, moral guidance, and pleasure in the works of Hellenistic historians; Polybius was unusual in prioritizing practical utility, but this did not mean that he neglected the latter two.

The next section, on Polybius and Rome, continues some of the themes raised in earlier essays. It opens with 'Supernatural Paraphernalia in Polybius' Histories', an examination of tyche in the Histories and in Demetrius of Phalerum'sprediction.

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Polybius' eventual accommodation with Rome has led him to face accusations of 'treason' in more recent times, the subject of two papers here. The chapter on de Sanctis occurs in the final section on the transmission of Polybius. One other paper is included with this, a fascinating examination of the appearance of Sheeres's translation of Polybius with its accompanying essay by Dryden in the aftermath of the Glorious Revolution of This is an impressive and stimulating collection by a historian who is an example to all, not merely for the quality of his research but for his generosity to his colleagues-again and again he notes scholars whose work has led him to re-think his own.

Cambridge University Press has done all interested in Rome and the Hellenistic world a service by bringing these essays together in a single volume. National Universityof Ireland, Galway. Naples: Edizioni Scientifiche Italiane, Paper, C ISBN: X.

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From Melinno to Mussolini, writers and politicians have seen fit to endow the city of TheClassicalReviewvol. Read Free For 30 Days. Flag for inappropriate content. Essays a For Later.

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Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Frank W. Walbank a Historical Commentary on Polybius, Vol. Politics and religion in the bacchanalian affair of Parkinson, William. Galaty, Michael.

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Duhoux, Yves. Mycenaean Greek Texts and Their World. Rutter, Jeremy B. Burke, Brendan. Muhly, J. Hittites and Achaeans, Ahhijawa Redomitus.


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The Histories (Polybius)

Merrillees, R. Five deal with Polybius as an historian and three with his attitude towards Rome; one of these raises the question of 'treason' in relation to Polybius and Josephus. Finally, two papers one now appearing for the first time in English discuss Polybius' later fortunes - in England up to the time of John Dryden and in twentieth-century Italy in the work of Gaetano de Sanctis. Several of these essays originally appeared in journals and collections not always easily accessible, and all students of the ancient Mediterranean world will welcome their assembly within a single volume.

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Polybius, Rome and the Hellenistic World: Essays and Reflections

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