Metrical Theory of Continued Fractions (Mathematics and Its Applications)

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Large-scale homogenization in mammoth silos: calculating homogenization efficiency and modeling input properties. International Journal of Mineral Processing, 71, Iosifescu, M. Systems 23 , no. JEMS 6 , no.

Infinite fractions and the most irrational number

FJMS 13 , no. Systems 29 , no. Romane, Bucharest, Theory 5 , no.

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B 32 , no. Fokkink, R. Uffink, G. From particle dynamics to the partial differential equations.

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    Metrical Theory of Continued Fractions

    To appear in Tohoku Math. Carus Mathematical Monographs, Mathematics and its Applications, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, Understanding why and how. Springer Texts in Statistics. Springer-Verlag London, Ltd. Aaten, A. When the physical problem is studied, the mathematical proofs are …. Boundary value problems for partial differential equations playa crucial role in many areas of physics and the applied sciences.

    Interesting phenomena are often connected with geometric singularities, for instance, in mechanics. Elliptic operators …. C. Kraaikamp: Books

    Semiring theory stands with a foot in each of two mathematical domains. The first being abstract algebra and the other the fields of applied mathematics such as optimization theory, the theory of discrete-event dynamical systems, automata theory …. There seems to be two types of books on inequalities. On the one hand there are treatises that attempt to cover all or most aspects of the subject, and where an attempt is made to give all results in their best possible form, together with either …. Asymptotic Characteristics of Entire Functions and Their Applications in Mathematics and Biophysics is the second edition of the same book in Russian, revised and enlarged.

    It is devoted to asymptotical questions of the theory of entire and …. Asymptotic methods belong to the, perhaps, most romantic area of modern mathematics. But more than this, asymptotic ideas are found …. In this book the details of many calculations are provided for access to work in quantum groups, algebraic differential calculus, noncommutative geometry, fuzzy physics, discrete geometry, gauge theory, quantum integrable systems, braiding, finite ….

    Nevertheless, now it may be predicted with confidence that the adaptive mechanics, a new division, new line of inquiry in one of the ….

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    The monograph presents some of the authors' recent and original results concerning boundedness and compactness problems in Banach function spaces both for classical operators and integral transforms defined, generally speaking, on nonhomogeneous …. We have attempted to give the best possible results known so far, with proofs …. Infinitesimal analysis, once a synonym for calculus, is now viewed as a technique for studying the properties of an arbitrary mathematical object by discriminating between its standard and nonstandard constituents.