So will ich frisch und fröhlich sein - No. 32 from 49 Deutsche Volkslieder WoO 33

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Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop. Bob Schneider: Jutta — leider geil! Concert with Lola Astanova, Arkady Beryn. Location Philharmonie Berlin Philharmonie Berlin. Hania Rani. Let's Dance - Die Live-Tournee Distinguish yourself! In Focus: What connects us humans: Gender. Location Neues Museum Neues Museum. Location Deutsches Spionagemuseum Deutsches Spionagemuseum. Reading and talk with Udo Scheer. Location Deutsche Gesellschaft e. Concert with Pianistin iO. Participant concert Milana Chernyavska, piano. Zucchero D. World Tour The Snow Queen.

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Shrek - the Musical. Stephan Graf v. Bothmer: Der Golem - StummfilmKonzert. An Talk of the Beeskow Art Archive. Death in Venice. Annette Kruhl - Men staring at mobile phones. Location Ackerstadtpalast Ackerstadtpalast. Konzerthausorchester Berlin, Michael Sanderling. Location ufaFabrik: Theatersaal ufaFabrik: Theatersaal. Sabrina Claudio. The World of Hans Zimmer. Wilhelm and Alexander von Humboldt.

Pettersson gets a Christmas visit. Alles in bester Verfassung? Die Biene im Kopf The bee in the head. Post from Kazakhstan. WildDinner based on recipes from Fontane.

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The Jeremy Days. Subcategory: Comedy Subcategory: Political Cabaret. Subcategory: Congress Subcategory: Trade fair. Find your event. Enter search query…. Date from. Date to. Online Tickets. Among the friends and sponsors of the society for sophisticated entertainment are those who do not know tomorrow… Read more.

Classical Music. Singer-Songwriter Night without break Read more.

Gemini - Brahms: Deutsche Volkslieder / Schwarzkopf, Et Al

Flag with plants - national plants of Europe and Mexico Workshop. When people are asked which plants they associate with Germany, they usually answer "the oak tree". Perplexy Art. The brave little tailor Family. What a story: A tailor defies with wit and courage the dangers of the world, overcomes a giant, learns the ups and downs of courage and fear, love and abandonment and wins in the end the princess for himself The prince!

49 Deutsche Volkslieder, WoO 33: No. 32, So will ich frisch und fröhlich sein

The Berlin Wall Workshop. The permanent exhibition is dedicated to the history of the division in Berlin. As an educator and creativity educator, the Berlin-based Stefani Urbiczek gives children a lot of space for creative work. Inspired by a project in the Hort holiday program, her own sand-set mandalas and pictures were taken, which she captured as photos and… Read more. A musical adventure from Iceland Read more. Once upon a time Grimm's fairy tales in the Glass Palace.

Two actors, a well-known original text and a small stage - nothing more is needed for maximum theater happiness! Luxury, chandeliers, candlesticks Workshop. As the shadows lengthen and the sun sets slowly over the Sanssouci Park, the chandelier's light begins to shine through the large windows of the New Palace at the western end of Sanssouci Park. In this winter musical Steffi has a date with her best friend Tom. She wants to surprise him with free tickets for the movies, but Tom is once again too late and her visit to the cinema falls into the water.

The quarrel makes use of the fleet Kalschinski who… Read more. Political Cabaret. You can sing well. You look good. They are very funny. And they do not need a single instrument to rock the house every evening with a cappella full and kilo-fun: LaLeLu, the ultimate a cappella sensation from Hamburg! With their unique mix of singing and… Read more. They live in digital isolation on a road that feeds into the motorway, painstakingly kept in form with clothes off the rack. They don't have much to say to themselves or to others, their memories aren't worth mentioning, the future certainly isn't either, and… Read more.

One Night Of Tina Show. Location Admiralspalast Admiralspalast Time pm Buy tickets. One Night of Tina Musicals. Tina Turner is a living legend and with almost million records sold and 12 Grammy Awards one of the most successful singers ever. Piano recital with Milana Chernyavska Classical Music. Very lively romance. Pretty slow Scherzino Intermezzo. With the greatest energy finale. Extremely lively Milana Chernyvska is a sought-after professor in international masterclasses as well as a jury member at various renowned piano competitions, be it at the… Read more.

She researched, made contacts, conducted interviews and translated. The West German correspondents knitted their contributions. She was seldom to be seen, but… Read more. Continuing a legendary career, year-old Charles Lloyd is still pursuing new sources of inspiration, joined by longtime musical partners as well as artists of the younger generation.

In his current program, he goes in search of other… Read more. Marlene Dietrich is a legend she has created and embodied herself for many years. One of her greatest artistic achievements was her concert career with concert tours on all five continents of the world. She sang in three world languages. Even if many loud throats currently like to propagate the opposite: there is more and more that unites us, as that separates us. Introductory lecture in German on the history of the cemetery, the transformation of the funeral chapel by Nedelykov Moreira Architekten and James Turrell's permanent light installation Read more.

The musician Balbina celebrates the presentation of her fourth studio album "DOT. Design teamed up. International Guitar Night Concerts. The International Guitar Night presents master guitarists in an annually changing line-up and thus prepares unforgettable concert evenings. The Comet Is Coming provide the appropriate soundtrack to an imaginary apocalypse. What sounds are left after the widespread sound destruction?

Who will lead the survivors into new worlds of sound? Who will set the new limit? Contemporary Dance.

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Awarded with the IKARUS prize for outstanding theatre productions for children and young people They cross an invisible line: they refuse to stay silent, to go along and follow the herd. They want to be heard! Now, then and in future. See you later, navigator Play.

Johannes Brahms ( - ) - Vocal Texts and Translations at the LiederNet Archive

Platypus Theater, 6th class and up - in Englisch A treasure hunt through London: This is where you'll need all your knowledge, wit and teamplay in a race against time. Carte blanche Classical Music. Karajan Academy: Learning from the pros The Karajan Academy of the Berliner Philharmoniker goes back to an initiative of Herbert von Karajan, who in the early s had the idea to organize the training of young orchestras of the Berliner Philharmoniker in an… Read more. Actually, Dominik Wagner and Benedict Zeitner are modern day clowns, musical clowns to be more specific.

They have taken the principle of the stupid Augustus and the arrogant-sly white clown era and using their keyboard instruments, sometimes also as gymnastic… Read more. Break the Tango Show. Tango meets Streetdance What happens when tango dancers from Argentina, international break dancers and an electro tango band come together? Concert with Abdullah Ibrahim Classical Music. Solo piano. Experience South Africa's most famous pianist Abdullah Ibrahim! Cuarteto Quiroga Classical Music. Enjoy with us the very high school of the game with four works from four centuries in five concerts.

Achim Kaufmann has for many years been one of the most inspiring and exciting personalities on the European jazz and improvisation scene, a music of great harmonic subtlety and structural depth, a brilliant pianist and composer whose reflective exploration of… Read more. Look forward to the master of polished punch line enters the stage with his brand new program! As always, you should count on everything - humorous masterpieces, grandiose wit and like in a good marriage, it can still surprise you even after 43 years on… Read more. Ernst Lubitsch: The oyster princess Films.

Clever in the plot, visually original and confident, opulent in the decor and high-profile with the silent film diva Ossi Oswalda and the screendrawers Harry Liedtke occupied: the grotesque with subtle gossip grotesque to the marital bliss of a spoiled… Read more. This autumn, Alter Bridge returns to the German stages full of energy, new album "Walk The Sky" and two great support acts. Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop Classical Music. Despite the deep transformation that family has been undergoing during the last decades, this institution has still remained the most fundamental social unit, determining greatly who we are as people and society.

Hania Rani Concerts.

Concert by pianist Hania Rani Read more. A few months later, the year-old was dead - murdered as a Jew in… Read more. In , the TV show will be complemented live by "Let's Dance" in 15 German cities, stages and large concert arenas. Teatro Strappato presents an unforgettable masked… Read more. She sings with a pure, luminous tone, crystal clear diction and eloquent phrasing, making this a superb recital in its own right.


Brahms, like Schumann, but unlike Schubert with his much greater output, issued the majority of his songs in groups collected by opus number. There is a tendency in modern scholarship to suggest that he envisaged, or at least hoped for, performances of his songs in these original opus number groupings. Of course one cannot deny that some planning though of a rather variable kind went into the arrangement of these song bouquets for publication, but good order and cohesion in printed form as in an anthology where poems are arranged to be discovered by the reader in a certain sequence , though pleasing to the intellect, do not automatically transfer to the world of the recital platform where one encounters a host of different practical problems, casting male or female singer and key-sequences high or low voice among them.

The anthology or indeed opus number might be likened to a well-ordered jewel case from which precious items may be extracted for use, depending on the occasion: the wearing in public of every item therein on a single occasion would be both impractical and vulgar. The songs are not quite presented in chronological order Brahms had a way of including earlier songs in later opus numbers but they do appear here in the order that the songs were presented to the world.

In a number of these Hyperion recitals an opus number will be presented in its entirety. In this series the folksongs of are will be shared between all the singers in the series.