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Related: How to give your kids an allowance that will help them become financially-savvy adults. Not every version of the tooth fairy tips that well, however. And some regions are more generous than others. The fifth tooth is about to come out any minute now, so I have my money waiting. Somerfeld added that as soon as his son, now 11, loses a tooth, he calls his great-grandma in Florida.

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The gifts also vary by tooth. Or losing a couple of teeth at once also deserves special attention.

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And parents say that spending this kind of time and money to keep the tooth fairy tradition alive is worth it for the priceless memories that the experience builds. If the tooth fairy is low on cash or forgot to hit the ATM, smaller children will still be overjoyed with loose change or a few singles, along with a note or a treat to show the tooth fairy was there. This article was originally published in and has been updated with the latest Original Tooth Fairy Poll data.

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The changes include a new, responsive design featuring extended-hours data and more news. The next night he turns into the Tooth Fairy again. During this time, he is beginning to make improvements at the after school program, helping them raise money for new supplies.

The story of the Tooth Fairy

Brooke is starting to warm up to him, and tells him she is happy with what he has done. He then offers to go out and buy the supplies with the money they made, in hopes to impress Brooke further. Shortly after Larry collects the supplies for the program, he turns into the Tooth Fairy and is forced to serve his duties. While he is collecting a tooth, Bo steals the supplies, in order to make Larry look bad.

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When Larry returns from collecting the tooth, he is shocked to find his car empty, and has to break the news to Brooke and the kids the next day. Soon after and feeling discouraged, Larry decides to quit his job as the Tooth Fairy and lose what he thought was his greatest memory. When he finds out that winning the Metro County Miracle wasn't his greatest memory, he is confused. He decides to reclaim his role as the Tooth Fairy, with little time to spare.

How does this happen in the wealthiest country in the world?

After successfully collecting the remainder of the teeth, and restoring the children's beliefs in the Tooth Fairy, Larry finds out that his greatest memory was, in fact, one shared with Brooke. Larry decides to tell Brooke this, and when she asks Bo for his greatest memory she is disappointed.


She ends her engagement with Bo and rekindles her love with Larry. In the end, Larry and Brooke get married and are expecting their first child, while Larry is still secretly a fill in Tooth Fairy. When Larry is transformed into a Tooth Fairy, he is initially given a pink ballerina-like outfit. Larry later asks for a new outfit. Some of the outfits offered to Larry included a pink superhero outfit, a pink cowboy outfit, and a pink Statue of Liberty outfit. Nix, the head Tooth Fairy, then offers him a pair of overalls, which Larry accepts.

As with the other prior outfits, the overalls given to Larry were also pink, which Larry initially complains about but later becomes more fond of. The film received many mixed reviews from critics.

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