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Mesyan, and K. Rangaswamy, Chains of semiprime and prime ideals in Leavitt path algebras T. Ammar, A. El-Araby, M. Kamal, and N. Ashraf and A. Jabeen, Nonlinear Lie triple higher derivation on triangular algebras J. Beachy and C. Leroux, On universal localization of Noetherian rings G.

Birkenmeier and E. Lee, A survey of intrinsic extensions of rings W. Burgess and R. Raphael, The reduced ring order and lower semi-lattices F. Campanini and A. Facchini, On a category of extensions whose endomorphism rings have at most four maximal ideals N.

History of the first fifty algebra days at Carleton

Dung and J. Garcia, Tilting cotorsion pairs and pure semisimple rings K. Goodearl and M. Yakimov, Twist invariants of graded algebras P. Guil Asensio, D. Keskin Tutuncu, and A. Srivastava, Modules invariant under monomorphisms of their envelopes D.

Huynh and D. Tai, Some results and questions on left-right symmetry A.

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Karimi-Mansoub, T. Kosan, and Y. Zhou, Rings in which every unit is a sum of a nilpotent and an idempotent D. Renata Lubczak. Date: January 29, Kadir Demirelli , Feride Bezgin. Open Journal of Polymer Chemistry Vol. Date: May 30, The p. Ling Jin , Hailan Jin. Date: November 12, Applied Mathematics Vol. Date: November 14, Materials Sciences and Applications Vol. Date: November 27, Cyclic codes of length 2 k over Z 8. Arpana Garg , Sucheta Dutt. Open Journal of Applied Sciences Vol. Date: January 15, Davood Fathi , Baback Beig Mohammadi. Date: April 17, Algebra with Alahmadi, Hamed and Zelmanov.

Quasi-permutation singular matrices are products of idempotents. Linear Algebra Appl.

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Decompositions into products of idempotents. Finite generation of Lie algebras associated to associative algebras , J. Indecomposable decomposition and couniserial dimension, Bull. Almost injective modules—a brief survey. Algebra Appl. Euclidean pairs and quasi-Euclidean rings.

Algebra , — Lam, and Andre Leroy.

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Mathematics, 52, A , with C.

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