Ethics and Sex

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At the same time the effort is to select from current and past events, cultural phenomena, movies, or literature, either as illustrations of certain philosophical ideas, or as test cases for a given theory.

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This is what I invite students to do in our weekly seminars, short assignments, and a longer piece of writing at the end of the course. What is noteworthy is the variety of students joining the course: alongside philosophy students, there have in the past been many students from law, psychology, medicine, literature, and elsewhere.

What they contribute is naturally the richness of different points of view and different backgrounds—both in academic and cultural terms, since typically a good number of them are exchange students.

Ethics and Sex

Being sensitive to such differences and making the most out of them is the main challenge for me as a lecturer. What I aim to give them is an occasion not only to study some texts but to do philosophy, of course within the limits of the subjects and methods that I choose.

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Ethics for A-Level

And I thought, What a great idea. Sex is confusing and our options for edification are both abundant and slight. The idea that we might be able to avoid confusion by following six clearly defined principles seemed much like the idea of no-strings-attached sex both seductive and too good to be true. And indeed, Abramson frames his plan in utopian terms: "Many if not all of the rewards of sex can be enhanced, and its difficulties alleviated by adherence to these six easy-to-understand ideas," he writes.

Do no harm means, essentially, don't violate anyone using sex Abramson focusses on both the individual level and the societal level—he is an expert on sexual assault in the U. Celebrate sex means take delight in the idea of sex as a pleasure, not just as a tool for procreation.

Sexual Ethics for a New Millennium | The New Yorker

Be careful refers not just to using protection but to the sorts of relationships you enter into. Know yourself means know yourself. And throw no stones means don't judge people for what they do behind closed doors. I completely agree with Abramson that if we all adhered to these principles, the world would be a much better place.