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See new chat messages, friend invites, as well as important announcements and deals relevant to you. Your friends. Friends list is currently empty. Karam highlights the family's familiar ways of speaking to one another by having the interloper, the new boyfriend, accidentally climb on others' lines or find himself interrupted often, as if attempting to find an entrance into the circle. David Zinn's two-level set also has the effect of inhibiting communication as family members move through different rooms of the apartment. Many of the revelations, other than the final disclosure, take place upstairs or are overheard between floors.

Houdyshell and Birney, who won Tony Awards for their performances in these roles, spend much of the play listening to conversations not meant for them. The two actors understand their characters so well, they wordlessly convey their emotions about hearing what's exposed. They convey warmth toward their family unit and shame toward their secrets and failures. Steele brings pixie energy to the vibrant child who is nonetheless hampered by her lack of success in life. Beck conveys Aimee's loneliness, her physical agony as her character suffers from a major bowel condition, and her realization that everything she had counted on has slipped away and she must start anew.

Mills treats Richard as a centered individual who has cleaned up his life and just wants his girlfriend's family to appreciate him. Even a less than objective dig into so many of our government subsidized fads,reveals madness,destruction and tremendous waste. Government bureaus cannot do what they claim,they create nought but chaos through order. Alternate energy is a revelation of the interface between,delusion,virtue signalling,state theft and stealing from the state.

Take a stupid,faulty premise,add bureaus and faith…. When unobtainium is freely available society will be so much richer, free unicorn in every stable…. Magical thinking,wishful reasoning and wilful ignoring of reality are traits that human society has fought against for all of civilization, almost as if logic and rational thought are alien to our species. But history indicates that every time we have created comfortable living conditions for ourselves,we then let our guard down and the madness sweeps our comforts away. Almost like natural cycles. I want to see this documentary.

Micheal Moore has no attraction in this household but we know that even he can have some good points to be considered:. From a place far, far away up a distant canyon in WA is our home. There are no utilities of any flavor except satellite connections, if that is considered a utility.

We do get 1 bar of a 1x cell connection which can be used for a text, sigh…. No thanks. This is a prime case study for solar as there ARE no reasonable alternatives. We installed a 3kW system with a lead acid battery bank for low light conditions. We live here because we can as two retired and disabled folks raising a few sheep, goats, pigs, geese, etc.


It may be green to the owner not not the neighbor of the manufacturers of the equipment or the dumps at end-of-life. Fourth, for those that are grid connected it creates a major headache in load balancing for the utility provider and offsets revenues needed for line maintenance, repair, etc.

As said before this is a really complex matrix and is politically and emotionally charged. But sure thankful for the technology. Add in EVs, windmills, etc. Its a crazy matrix. I love hydro-electric but that is politically charged. Also geothermal if available but hard to scale for a large output. But surely the frighteningly logical next step, if windmills and electric cars will not save the planet, is to ban the use of fossil fuels for any purpose whatsoever. Climate change is only really a left-right issue in USA.

On this side of Atlantic both sides spout warmist palather. The brother of UK labour party leader is a prominent sceptic. It is very positive that someone like Michael Moore sees alternative energy as a scam and an environmentally damaging one at that. This is exactly how to tackle this issue. Take the divisive left right issues out of it.

Stop tackling the man instead of the ball. This is actually a big part of what led to Trump winning the election. Matter of fact the left has the same problem, Obama won on a hope and change message but unlike Trump he left his voters in the lurch like politicians tend to do.

I intend to see the movie. But in reading the descriptions of it, it seems that Moore is learning to be critical. It could be the early stage of a tidal change. Neither one of them have ever created a documentary. What they create are partisan and political propaganda pieces. It mad elittle difference. The western world is a strange place. OK, they may succeed again, but there will be another … and eventually the dam will crack. Alternatively, if the privately-owned media work out that they can increase profits with a change in narrative, they will do just that.

The Green character destroyers can always turn to their favourite instrument of torture, to persuade the luvvies and the film industry to stay on the Green path. They can start circulating stories about casting couch activities, and see what sticks. Michael Moore will not be spared once they have decided he has to be silenced. Answer: Some of them are clueless, and some of them are in on the scam. My regard for Michael Moore has gone up sky high. An honest and analytical lefty I can talk to oh how I have tried to little effect with many.

However, they have a short cut to the truth. From experience they have learned to be wary and sceptical of big plans that government has for their wellbeing and their futures. I believe Michael Schellenberger from the alarmist camp opened this well guarded secret gateway on renewables that Michael Moore stumbled upon. It makes sense that honest thinkers on the left are actually the key to bringing this whole sinister and sinistral house down. Quite so, Gary. All had started their intellectual life as strident Black vs. White types and all moderated later in life as the complexities of the issues became clear.

He still accepts global warming as an existential issue, as does Shellenberger. It will be interesting to see if he goes the way of Shellenberger that nuclear is the only way out of the mind-trap that is renewable energy — wind and solar. I dislike AND despise the man, his work as well as his politics. An epiphany for Moore! Not the least of which is the utter lack of sustainability. Green energy will hurt the middle class the most. Moore, although a leftist has generally sided with middle class. His solutions I do not agree with but I agree with goal of protecting the middle class.

What will save the climate change that we are seeing? I hope that this revelation is significant in helping sway public opinion. There is nothing more entertaining than seeing the left respond when one of their own expresses views that contradict there own. Whilst the response to Patrick Moore was to try to expunge him from history the response to Michael Moore will be moore difficult.

I can see heads explode as they try to prevent the inconvenient facts about renewables from the becoming public. Piercing the global warmists bubble is very difficult for sceptics but is more effective if done from the inside. Whilst I get some encouragement how we have progressed the fight against this warmest cult but I have been surprised at how few whistleblowers have been coming forward. Occasionally you hear a story about ex NASA employees or other insiders going rogue but the stories always seem to get buried quickly especially by the mainstream media.

If one multiplies the corruption at the Bureau a multitude of times around the world it is inevitable that whistleblowers will come through. I think that the process would be hastened if governments conducted audits on some of these institutions and prosecuted people for the clear manipulation of data. At least that would provide an incentive for people to spill the beans. As it stands with no effort by governments to investigate these issues there is a disincentive to speak out as the warmists are very quick to publicly shame, remove from employment, destroy careers of those that speak out.

Hopefully, this epiphany of Michael Moore is just a small step to changing public sentiment. I had to laugh when I saw this article — Michael Moore is blowing the whistle on the green energy scam. Maybe because the movie allegedly supports my belief that wind and solar are a boondoggle, I have to give creds to Michael Moore. Of course, those creds will go away when his next film is at odds with my beliefs.

This could attract the attention of leftist groupthink to what is the real problem at present. Michael Moore speaks truth about once a decade. He said quite a few truths within this video.

I wonder if he will ever realize that climate change is a trillion dollar industry or that socialism always devolves into dictatorship. This video is of course a edited version of what Moore said. The difference between him and Hillary is that he actually knows some deplorables and has listened to them. Nah, skeptics will be skeptics, and I am a skeptic. He just about doubled his audience size with this one press release. It takes away their excuse for imposing their authoritarian socialist policies on the masses.

Would anyone like to explain what is really going on? A controlled experiment using measured amounts of CO2 shows just the opposite. Another controlled experiment also shows just the opposite. I would have to be considered to be a right winger in my thinking, but that does not, or rather should not make me think that all of the Lefts ideas are wrong, and that all of the rights are right.

Why not say that he Michael has ideas that are disliked by those on the right. Its been obvious for a long time that the whole of the myth of the so called Global warming come climate change is a mix of those who want a world government , i. Communism, and those who truly are concerned about things that they think are a problem. We should be more concerned as to why they think like that, which gets us back to leftist ideas from the Media and academia. His exposure of the falsehoods coming from such sources is good, for example the electric cars.

Yes they do seem to be a good idea until one asks such questions as to where is the electricity coming from. So how many people realise that we have a double power supply system, the pretend Green one the renewable, plus the older fusel fuel one. If such a farce was exposed and people realised that they are paying double for their electricity, thy would be so angry that it would be ended. Tell them that less CO2 from Windmills is more than made up for by burning the back up fossil fuel generation. Not that there is there anything wrong with the gas CO2 in the first place, that is still the key card in the whole of the House of Cards myth.

They still think there is a problem that we humans need to manage. I wonder if has occured to them to use the same logic and back track into the IPCC and all their cronies and see what lies under the covers there? Heresy I guess. While on the topic of Moore, there apparently has been some Left outrage that the owner of a high end fitness center change has DARED to offer support for Trump. Who was one of the first do to so?

To declare they were no longer going to a gym and fitness center? Hey, You know what would be really cool, and helpful? There was a scene in one of his movies Columbine? I know the area well, we even looked at buying a condo there a couple of times. Take your allies where you can find them. They may take it seriously taking into consideration who made it. Nobody considers him a corporate shill with a vested interest. As I was reading the article, I suddenly thought that I had traveled through time to next April 1st.

I had to recheck my calendar to convince myself that I had not entered a time warp. However to make his point he had to open the curtain and expose the lies that the left has been spewing about green energy. Regardless of his motivation. Michael Moore is exposing at least a few of the lies from the green machine with this movie. Thanks Mich, looking forward to your follow up recommending ending wind, solar, bio-fuel renewable subsidies, mandates and grid priority and your strong support for natural gas generation for the next few decades as we transition to nuclear.

I bought into the whole global warming pitch until James Corbett Corbett Report exploded it and forced me to look harder. There are many credible climatologists like Dr. Judith Curry Georgia Tech and atmospheric scientist Dr.

The Humans

It only took them about 25 years to figure that out? Nature bats last. Production Capacity is growing exponentially, and we have no idea how much more it will increase as technology advances. People are starving only because of politics and artificial barriers to producing and transporting food to them and due to converting food into useless, inefficient, damaging, polluting FUEL and plowing food under and ….. Thanks for Fixing It For Me.

Where do you propose we put the other 8 million species we share the planet with?

As the dominant species we are clearly unable to evolve to be able to manage our numbers. And as I pointed out, the planet will balance things for us whether we like it or not. I used to marvel at the emptiness as I flew over places all over the world and wondered why there is such a clamor for reducing the population. I almost felt I was alone flying over the emptiness for hours without a sign of human life. A month?

A year? Though that would explain the voices in my head. It would be racist to suggest that they are all the same. We are all the same! Where on earth did you hear all of this steaming crap you were parroting? Maybe you should learn to do your own research and think for yourself instead of being told what to think by people who want to own your ass.

Yeah, we can survive a lot. Some of us will, anyway. This is an interview of the director and producer of the movie. It has more information than the Breitbart article. The biggest scam on the planet. Who knew? They have lobbyist to do their talking for them.

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What they do care about is their own investments in it…. Leonardo DiCaprio once flew miles just to buy a hamburg while Barbra Streisand had her dogs flown 10 thousand miles to UK just to here her sing in concert in July ….


So if we stopped using fossil fuels would the climate stop changing? If the climate changed in unpleasant ways would that be ok as long as Volvos were gone? Did the climate change before the first Ford rolled off the line? Is a warming trend better than a cooling trend? Who would set the earths temperature if we could? If you can set the temperature as advertised by planet savers who wins and who loses?

What about those peskie natural climate variables? From Breitbart Brent N. Like this: Like Loading Related posts. Do you have any funny jokes? Or even clever? Nice own goal. Thanks for screwing everyone over. Sign of the endtimes, me liking something Michael Moore does. Mods, can you correct my name on that last comment of mine? Moore is not repentant. Read the entire thing. Why not tell us what that country of smiling, happy, debt-free people is…… Does it pay for its own national defense, or does the US take care of that?

Yet apparently he is prepared to accept the truth when he finds it…. In this case, he found the truth and, again, honestly reported what he found. Jeff Mitchell August 9, at pm The designation amuses me. Twice a day, to be precise, which is much more often than Michael Moore. Hi, Allan, I quite enjoy your posts and mention you as an expert to whomever I meet from Alberta. What are you trying to say? This is just a bunch of semi-related sentences strung together. I would like see the film. Germany has proven the green energy schemes are a scam, that they are fundamentally limited.

Also the massive power storage will make electricity unimaginable expensive. Four quotes, all of them cross-checked as far as I know. Not sure about her points though. Linda: Please provide this compelling evidence. They need to pull on the thread more. A lot more. So w hat does he think? So w hat [sic] does he think? Is that your argument?

Thus the following: Q: Has Moore, et al. But revealing one of the big lies about the whole global warming scam. It will be interesting to see which road he follows.