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Morrissey autobiography gets release

Not Martin Amis. How does Montaigne feel?

Get it? Getting Morrissey's autobiography is a big deal and may be a major financial coup, but Penguin had to sell a little piece of its soul to get it. Others seems to agree.

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It has shown itself willing to cave in spectacularly to cultural relativism, to embrace the modern fashion for eschewing judgment in favour of squawking: 'Everything is equally valid. The counter to these vocal cries of how Morrissey's book is going to lower our cultural standards is that Penguin is simply playing the game. Making money off Morrissey will allow the imprint to survive and print future editions of Montaigne.

What we don't know yet is if Morrissey's book is actually any good or worthy of the "classic" label whatever that means to you.


Here he describes the pressures placed on him by his childhood, the mental breakdown he suffered as a young man, his struggle to understand a world of feelings and emotions far removed from his father's strict didacticism, and the later development of his own radical beliefs. A moving account of an extraordinary life, this great autobiography reveals a man of deep integrity, constantly searching for truth.

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