How To Realize Emptiness

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Everyone is welcome! Although it is part of the Discovering Buddhism program, anyone is welcome to atten d — yo u do not have to have attended previous modules. Members of a certain level get courses for free see the membership program for details.

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Your generous donations are essential for the continuation of programs like this. The Buddha said that all of our problems are ultimately rooted in a misunderstanding of how things actually exist. This class will explore the nature of reality and how things really exist — emptiness — which is necessary if we want to end our problems forever.

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Take this opportunity to enhance your ability to bring about this realization, and learn how to meditate on emptiness. Our ability to continue offering these teachings is dependent on the generosity of donors. Gen Lamrimpa's teachings, which combine analysis with practical exercises, are redolent with compassion and insight.

How to Realize Emptiness - Gen Lamrimpa - Google книги

In less than one hundred pages, Gen Lamrimpa manages to give the reader. In addition to the scholarly presentation of emptiness, this book also contains a brief but illuminating biography of Gen Lamrimpa and two appendixes; one on Dzogchen and the other on Madhyamaka and Dzogchen. That a traditionally trained Gelugpa scholar monk should take time out to discuss Dzogchen is refreshing and shows that Gelugpas are not necessarily in disagreement with the approach of Dzogchen.

Perhaps it is not so surprising when one considers that Gen Lamrimpa is not just a scholar monk but a meditator with decades of experience much of it in retreat.

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How To Realize Emptiness

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B. Alan Wallace-How Things Exist-Teaching on Emptiness

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