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Junkers Ju 86 Junkers Ju 86 Swissair Junkers Ju 86 bombers in flight Junkers Ju 86 Flygvapenmuseum. They were designated as the B 3 in Swedish service and in addition to the bomber role, were also used for reconnaissance. Post war the Swedish converted their remaining Ju 86 aircraft into transports, where the last remained in service until !

Luckily Sweden is a country that actively preserves their aviation heritage and this included an example of one of their Ju 86 aircraft. Produced in Germany in , this example was converted to a transport rather than the original bomber configuration and served in Sweden until with a total of 2, flying hours. It is always a pleasure to see such a rare aircraft in person.

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Junkers Ju 86

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The high altitude versions were particularly interesting. Can you imagine that first time the Spitfire pilots got up high enough, what a shock to the German recon crews that must have been!

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Fantastic Deano. I thought there were no examples left but you found a gem and informed us well about it. Thanks Joe. Lots of treasures in there. Wait until I get around to posting about my visit to Norway! You are commenting using your WordPress. Luftwaffe Training aircraft. Luftwaffe Transport aircraft.

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