Tribology - Lubricants and Lubrication

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Tribological Analysis Theories

Edited by Natalie Baddour. Edited by Yong Gan.

Edited by Alexander Belov. Edited by Mahmood Aliofkhazraei.

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  • Tribology, Lubricants and Additives.
  • Tribology, Lubricants and Additives.
  • Tribology lubricants and lubrication engineering a review - Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB).

Edited by Rakesh Sehgal. Published: October 12th DOI: Sherbakov Open access peer-reviewed 6. Ismail Open access peer-reviewed 9.

Tribological performance of nanoparticles as lubricating oil additives

Nassar Open access peer-reviewed Edited Volume and chapters are indexed in. Open access peer-reviewed 1. Open access peer-reviewed 2. Open access peer-reviewed 3. Open access peer-reviewed 4. Open access peer-reviewed 5.

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Open access peer-reviewed 6. Open access peer-reviewed 7.

Lubricants [Tribology: lubricant & its types]

The first two semesters are dedicated to acquire fundamental tribology knowledge, mandatory for all students, to gain a selection of key interdisciplinary basic courses related to friction and wear mechanisms at different scales, as well as contacts and role of surfaces and lubricants, which is obtained at University of Leeds and University of Ljubljana. The first semester is also purposely performed at University of Leeds, an English speaking country, for the students to equal and advance in professional terminology in English at an early stage of the international study programme.

Students learn about contacts and role of materials and surfaces, wear and friction mechanisms, nano and macro scale contact specifics, contact mechanics and diagnostics of mechanical components.

What Are Lubricants?

Thus, all necessary tribological fundamentals mainly related to solid part of the contact. The University of Ljubljana also provides high-level experimental equipment to develop skills in these subjects, for students being able to experimentally and theoretically, using literature and independent study, analyse, apply, select and develop ideas about required properties of tribological surfaces, lubricants and interfaces in the contact.

TRIBOS partner universities and associated industrial partners will provide support but securing the placement opportunity should be done by the student. The second year is focused on obtaining more specialised scientific knowledge and increase the level of skills towards final competences. The thesis defence is performed at the university where most of the work was done.