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Jeannie made me want to shake her. Early on, she does something that is nearly unforgivable in the world of romance novels. When Duncan returns, her obtuse blindness to the seriousness his plight and her unsupportable anger that she was wronged by him is all hard to digest.

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But she comes around. While I did like her, I also found her choices and arguments extremely frustrating. She was just not the smartest of heroines The other issue for me was the anti-climactic ending. Duncan was wanted by the King for certain treason. He was the biggest outlaw of all. I obviously wanted an HEA, but I didn't understand how the evidence that Jeannie found and delivered to Argyll had any bearing on Duncan's guilt. Certainly not enough to keep him from Argyll's wrath. I think McCarty could have written a more developed and compelling rationale for exonerating Duncan.

I was completely underwhelmed by the "evidence" Jeannie found and also by the luke warm ending. I would have liked to see more interaction btw Duncan and his son once he knew Despite those flaws, I adored the book, and the series. Monica McCarty has fast become a favorite historical author of mine. I look forward to more of her Highland Guard novels! I actually can't be that bothered to do a long and indepth review on this. This was definately my least favourite read out of the 6 books I have read of hers.

Jeannie and Duncan were apparently in love, there was a big misunderstanding, he thinks she betrayed him, she's upset that he doesnt trust her and he leaves Scotland under the label traitor. He comes back 10 years later and low and behold go to find her to help clear his name. She doesnt want to help After some arguments some "chemistry" they end up back together in the fight to help clear his name.

To be honest, I just didnt like this that much. I gave it 3 stars out of respect to the author. But I didnt like Jeannie Duncan should have listened to her rather then jump to conclusions I just didnt get how these 2 were in love in the first place, let alone, fall back in love with each other. They only seemed to have lust and lots of it. It was also obvious who had set Duncan up I had guessed it from the previous books actually, so wasnt surprised at all. It wouldnt put me off reading more in the future but was a disappointing end to this trilogy.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book Ah, quite disappointing ending of a great trilogy! And I thought Caitrina was the most annoying heroine but in comparison to Jeannie, she's a better option.

Her loyalty to her traitorous father and husband was very applaudable but for that, what she did with Duncan was simply appalling! So, this is what happened between Da My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book So, this is what happened between Dancun and Jeannie 10 yrs ago. Duncan is illegitimate We really never got to know much about him before because of his runaway status.

Here we get to see the whole sordid history. Here, we get to meet a young and quite lighter Colin and their father, the then Earl of Auchinbrek. Duncan was a great warrior in the making.

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In court, while looking for Grant, he sees his daughter Jeannie, a 17 yr old beauty with red hair and green eyes and falls instantly for her. It helps that the girl reciprocates. Jeannie, has always battled with the scandal her beautiful yet impetuous mother created when she ran away with an English lord and died in England. Since she looks much like her mother, Jeannie is compared to her often; mostly from her beloved father, whom she loves a lot.

Anyway, she sees Duncan and is extremely attracted to his big physique, raven dark hair and gorgeous sapphire eyes. They dance around each-other for about two weeks. Duncan finally manages to convince Grant to help them but was seriously thinking of talking to his father about Jeannie. They swim in a loch nearby and you can guess, wet dresses and kisses led to making love. When Duncan returns to Campbell Castle, his father is says no to this match. Since Colin is the heir, his father send a message to Grant and Grant agreed, which is also why he agreed to help them.

Duncan is speechless but still tries push his case. Duncan is kinda disillusioned. His stepmother was just indifferent. When they arrive, she sees Duncan is quite detached. Jeannie decides to talk to her father, as she was scared to do previously. When they left for the battle, Jeannie is scared for Duncan as she watches them leave. Suddenly a rider, who was hidden in the woods, comes to the keep. She goes to talk to her father but eavesdrops. The tall, blonde man in none other than the 2nd son of the enemy, the Hunleys, Francis Gordon.

It seems like her father is betraying Argyll and the others with the Huntleys. Jeannie panics and plans to somehow to meet Duncan to veer him away from the war. She sends a vague note to him to meet her in a nearby inn, goes there and waits. After a hectic day, in his tent, Duncan reads the note which Colin gave him and rides to the inn. Duncan leaves at dawn, but finds his dresses neatly arranged. Anyway, soon the Huntleys attack, Grant betrays and Agryll is defeated. After many discussions, Duncan fails to produce the map that was supposed to be their plan. They also find out he was out the earlier night, oh the poor guy.

I mean WTF? She goes back to her keep and waits for news.

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Soon her father comes back. When nothing works and Duncan finally leaves, she thinks oh, he just left me like that, maybe what we did was wrong etc. Duncan shrugs it off and goes away to Ireland. She marries Francis soon to save the child of its illegitimacy. She has a daughter, Ella, with Francis.

I did like Ella a lot. Her mother-in-law is very strict and has no lasting affection for her. You know, her beauty and lands.

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Also, the Huntlys want her to marry someone of their own choice. Yah she did and it was near fatal. She stood there watch him bleed and wanted him dead. Duncan came back to clear his name, also knowing Francis died did something in his heart for him to return. He knows Jeannie can help him by telling him the truth or letting him investigate inside her keep. But, this was some welcome from the beautiful nude woman in front of him! Before it, he was thinking of their past, how it was to have sex with her and so on.

Anyway, sometimes later, Jeannie realizes he might die. Note that she dressed and already called her men to arrest him. Jeannie takes Duncan in her keep to attend the wound. She was pretty hypocritical in her thoughts about Duncan. Later, though, I understood why. Odd rule, if you ask me! Duncan still wants Jeannie with every pore of his being. I loved his introduction and exchanges with Ella a lot. I wish there were more of those. I mean what was her problem? If you read her thoughts about Duncan, God it all felt so odd!

Duncan gets a fever from the wound and fell very ill. The healer calls Jeannie at night to have a look. There he actually found some messages with indistinct wording and that map he lost. It kinda proves her husband was involved. Jeannie, meantime, found him out and kept thinking, oh he betrayed me again!

How dare he search my castle! Bla bla bla Me? Duncan shows her the map, yet she kept denying any involvement of her husband. But they do kiss, you know and she lets him touch her too. This went on for a long time. He knew the daughter is too young to be his. Then one day, Duncan and his men went to hunt when Ella goes missing. Duncan found her and brought her back later.

But in the keep, everything is in awry, Jeannie is having fits. Then she remembers this place where Francis would take Ella and decides to have a look herself. When she does, the MacKintoshs again attack her. He goes berserk. Hmm Duncan, what was that? Even after the way she treated you? Anyway, he saves her and takes her back. One night, they make their stop at an inn. How dare she flirts and shows her boobies around! Someone save me from this misery!

Then how could she fly out the keep and down the stairs in her advanced pregnant state? No idea! Anyway, Jamie promises to listen to him and he does. She was watching her son fight, when Duncan comes out and her son is enthralled by his words and shows of gun and swordfight. When Dougall is gone, she goes to the armory to stack his bows but Duncan follows her.

More talks and words exchanges, heated kisses and they almost end up doing it. When Duncan asks Jeannie to tell him she wants him too, she hesitates. Duncan is hurt and leaves. Outside he finds Elizabeth is here too with Patrick. I mean why did he do that? What son likes to hear such thing? Then when they all were arguing in Glenlivet, whenever Colin tried to put forth a comment, no one seemed to care about his opinions.

I felt no one gave Colin a chance to prove himself, which in return created this rash, hotheaded man. Anyway, somewhere in between, Duncan and Jeannie finally decides to put it all behind, trust each-other and become lovers again. Jeannie encourages Duncan to look for his mother. He agrees after some persuasion from her he can never deny her anything and after such great sex too! Back in the inn, Jeannie and he make love and the words of marriage and love come out.

He wanted her to run away with him before, which she denied for her kids but now, she would go anywhere with him. This time Duncan refuses and Jeannie blurts out about Dougall. Duncan gets very angry and goes out to cool his heels. Colin in the meantime, was trying to capture him and deliver to Argyll. After that, there was quite a nice, big surprise for Duncan thanks to Jeannie— ugh but true and not so very big one for Colin as he tries to kill him and then Niall Lamont shows up I wished I saw some more interaction between Dougall and Duncan.

I agree, Dougall has a right to know his father.


In the epilogue, they are married finally but yet to tell him, so I felt I missed this union between the father and the son. Always worth a read! A picture of Castle Campbell View all 39 comments. Jul 26, NinaReader rated it really liked it. I've enjoyed this series. It's been nice being in the historical highlands again and these books have just enough excitement, intrigue, love, and complications.

View all 4 comments. A great ending to a terrific series. This wraps up the Campbell trilogy with the story of Duncan, the eldest brother. Ten years ago he was betrayed and found guilty of treason - a hanging offense. He escapes to Ireland, and has returned to see if he is able to prove his innocence. He believed Jeannie Gorden, the young woman he loved and wanted to marry, had betrayed him. Jeannie was in a terrible position of conflicting loyalties at the time, a situation which didn't change even after 3. Jeannie was in a terrible position of conflicting loyalties at the time, a situation which didn't change even after ten years.

Overall I really enjoyed this one, but I had issues with the heroine. I wasn't crazy about her. I understood her, but that was about it. I also didn't really see these two fall in love again when he returned. They spent time together, but it was only an OK romance.

But the adventure story of betrayal and treason was very well done. I loved this part of the story, including the great conclusion as to how Duncan was finally able to prove his innocense. And for those who care about sensuality, this was a HOT read. Probably the hottest of all of her books. I look forward to what ever this author writes next! I tried to read this book before and had to stop because I did not like Jeannie. But I have not had a good read in a long while.

Monica McCarty ranks high on my favorite writer list. So I decided to pick up this book again. My second attempt was successful, actually. This time I managed to read on. I still cannot say that I love this book as much as I did her other books, but she kept my interest. I enjoyed the read. What can I say about Jeannie and Duncan? Well, I did not like Jeannie very much I tried to read this book before and had to stop because I did not like Jeannie. Well, I did not like Jeannie very much. I understand that she wanted to protect her son, but this is why I almost never like a mother heroine: the child takes precedence over anything.

I don't like that. Am I reading a romance novel or a family drama? There are only a handful of books where the heroines were also mothers that I liked. But as soon as the heroine did something in the name of "protecting my child" and put other people at risks, I am immediately turned off. This book was complicated, like all Monica McCarty's books. A couple torn apart by betrayal and distrust. Monica McCarty makes it work.

Highland Scoundrel (Campbell Trilogy, #3) by Monica McCarty

There are a few things about her books that make me cringe, but she sure knows how to build characters and relationships. Or let me put it this way: the way she allows her characters to connect is something that I can relate to very well. What did not make sense to me is how small a part their son played in the story. I know that Duncan had to first clear his name, but an unclaimed son, that is some material. Somehow this was addressed only in a fight and that was it. We spent most of the time watching Jeannie and Duncan question and doubt each other. It was very frustrating.

This couple has all the Monica McCarty signature passion between them, but somehow I was rather unenthusiastic about their physical relationship. I think it is because their emotional attachment seemed a little weak to me, so their physical relationship lost its allure. I always say, sex alone is not sexy. I need to believe that they cared for each other. While I did feel that Jeannie and Duncan had a thing going, it was not the kind of "thing" that really connects with me. Characters from the previous 2 books also appeared in this book: Jamie and Caitrina, Patrick and Elizabeth.

I was very happy to read more about Patrick and Elizabeth, their book being the best in the series for me. Duncan and Jeannie are like Jamie and Caitrina to me: they are alright I suppose, but I was not invested in their story. Patrick and Elizabeth are a much better couple for me. Jul 16, Nadine Jones rated it really liked it Shelves: historical-romance. I enjoyed this book more than most McCarty novels. Not sure why. Maybe it was because it's been a while since I read a book by her, or maybe it's because the character's motivations made some sense in this one.

Highland Scoundrel

In every McCarty romance, the hero and heroine have a misunderstanding caused by lack of communication that leads to a separation. In most of them, the reasons for their lack of communication are ridiculous, but in this one it made sense. He flees Scotland in disgrace as a traitor. He suspects Jeannie framed him, since he secretly spent the night with her before the great betrayal. So in this case, they have good reasons for not trusting each other! She thinks he may have betrayed her side but not really - but she can't talk to him because he is gone , and he thinks she betrayed him in favor of her father.

Of course, all is resolved in the end and there is a ridiculously happy ending. Oct 05, Kelly Oakes rated it really liked it. Somewhere in there I even went out got dinner and came back. The story of this book was heart wrenching, the struggle of desire, honor and raw passion between Duncan Campbell and Jeannie Grant. A pure case of love at first sight. The air is thick with energy and vibrates with all the tellings that Duncan has just encountered his "one" fated love in this tiny stammerin Okay, I started this book yesterday at 5PM and finished it at 12AM. The air is thick with energy and vibrates with all the tellings that Duncan has just encountered his "one" fated love in this tiny stammering pixie.

No matter the duty, conspiracy or lies that drags him away from his true love, someday they will reunite View 2 comments. Feb 03, Zubee rated it really liked it Shelves: couple-have-cute-kid , second-chance , , secret-baby , powerful-heroine. Another 4 stars from me to this very talented author H and h are young lovers who are parted due to some circumstances Well crafted tale Mar 11, Lynsey A Bookish Life rated it liked it.

Black Duncan's return. Monica McCarty has to be one of the most inconsistent writers I've ever encountered. Out of the six or so of her Highlander books that I've read so far, I've rated them anywhere from 4. Some books have seen me so invested in the romance, that happy tears were streaming down my face as I read the final pages. Others have been tedious and left me completely unaffected. This one falls somewhere in the middle. I was quite keen to read this instalment to fi Black Duncan's return. I was quite keen to read this instalment to find out the full story behind Duncan Dubh's treason at long last, since it's been mentioned in the other books of the trilogy several times.

So it started very well, and I rather liked the couple at the beginning; they were very sweet together and had some great sensual scenes and some nice angst and drama. It was once we returned to present day that I found myself falling out of love with the story. One of the main reasons I don't like romances featuring ex lovers, is the inherent bitterness they always bring with them. In this case, I never felt like Duncan and Jeannie truly got back that magic they'd had when they first met. There was just too much water under the bridge. The next problem was that the plot just seemed to stop for about a hundred pages or so while they dithered about deciding whether or not to trust each other again.

It was annoying to the nth degree to watch them get close and then retreat into distrust again, a cycle which was then repeated ad nauseam. I really think the book could have been a good hundred pages shorter and lost a lot of this padding and filler section. I realise it's the finale of the trilogy, and the one we've all been waiting for, but making it longer doesn't automatically make it more 'epic'.

It perhaps wouldn't have been quite as tiresome if we, as readers, didn't already know everything that was going on. We knew Jeannie's secret, we knew about Duncan's innocence, and we knew who the real villain was. It was just a matter of waiting for the characters to catch up. All together, I'm glad I read it and that I've completed the trilogy, but it wasn't one of McCarty's best efforts.

Aug 22, Leah Green rated it really liked it. Okay so I was really looking forward to this book. The first two set a pretty good precedent. So I was excited to find out how it all would end. Unfortunately I didn't like the female lead. She was not someone I could identify with at all. Her choices and actions were so self centered that her character was completely unlikeable. I had no sympathy for her what so ever. I couldn't possibly get behind her reasoning. She was just completely self absorbed.

The hero was everything you would hope for. H Okay so I was really looking forward to this book.

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  4. Honor, integrity, loyalty, and a true warrior. But he was betrayed at every turn. His story was gut wrenching to say the least. But here is the skinny. I thought the backtracking in the beginning was annoying. I wish you had started with the back story. Then fast forward to present day. The Characters were weak. In the other books they had a strong sense of right from wrong. In this book they failed the hero at every turn. Nobody who knew this man personally would have believed him capable of the crime he was accused of.

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    He is drawn to the unforgettable sensual beauty of Jeannie Gordon, the headstrong girl who once pledged him her love, gave him her innocence, and then betrayed him. Now, in the glow of the moonlight, she defiantly shows Duncan the bad end of a pistol. Jeannie is stunned to discover that the broad-chested brigand she just shot is the rogue who broke her heart years ago.