Brush Country Woman (Centennial Series of the Association of Former Students, Texas A & M, No 26)

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There were approximately 15 major projects, either completed or ongoing, since May. Betsy Kemeny, a Slippery Rock University assistant professor of parks, conservation and recreational therapy, was named president-elect of the American Therapeutic Recreation Association, the only national association for recreational therapists. Slippery Rock University has been ranked as one of the top 10 best- accredited online colleges in Pennsylvania for by EDsmart. Unless of course fun and games are part of the experience?

Luckily, for our students they are! It is said that hula, the popular dance developed in Hawaii, expresses all that the dancer sees, hears, smells, tastes, touches and feels. Four Slippery Rock University athletic training majors were awarded scholarships from three athletic training professional associations. A firm handshake often concludes the hiring process for employers and job candidates. For students at Slippery Rock University, getting hired will begin with the Handshake, an online platform that connects students with employers. Sara Tours, a Slippery Rock University assistant professor of elementary education and early childhood, facilitated two workshops this summer at the Aditya Birla Education Academy in Mumbai, India.

A new program that Slippery Rock University is launching this fall will provide access to education and opportunities for civic engagement through a nationally recognized service model that has been adopted by an exclusive network of institutions. Jacob Southwick, a Slippery Rock University sophomore industrial and systems engineering major from Titusville, was awarded the Workplace Hero honor by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

The first day of fall classes arrived at Slippery Rock University bringing with it lots of activity across campus and autumn-like temperatures that greeted everyone throughout the morning. However, Aug. Among the more than volunteers welcoming first-year students to Slippery Rock University on move-in day, Aug. Slippery Rock University has once again been named one of the best colleges in the Northeastern region by The Princeton Review.

A new online tool now available on the Slippery Rock University website, www. Campfire Day is observed on the first Saturday in August each year and those celebrating the occasion Aug. Scandinavian countries such as Norway, Sweden and Denmark are known for their progressive human development policies, which is why a faculty-led group of students from Slippery Rock University visited Bergen and Tromso, Norway, May , to discover for themselves what these countries are doing differently for their citizens. The early bird may catch the worm, but when Brian Merritt was a student researcher at Slippery Rock University he woke up early to do more than just catch worms: he cut their heads off and over time watched their heads grow bodies and their bodies grow heads.

Cory Haser has a history of adding new dimensions to his experience working with computers, having previously developed software that uses three-dimensional models. He is getting an opportunity this summer to push his 3D modeling skills to whole new level. After graduating from Slippery Rock University in with a degree in dance, Heather Gerlach had every intention of being a dance instructor.

But along the way, while teaching several types of dance at various studios, Gerlach found her calling. A group of Slippery Rock University students visiting Cartagena, Colombia was so excited to be there they were literally dancing in the streets. Slippery Rock University is hosting professional development training for University staff, 10 a. Slippery Rock University, the proud recipient of Field of Study badges in education and nursing from Colleges of Distinction, has been awarded a badge for its accomplishments in student career development.

Actors portray fictional characters in theater productions, but for a Slippery Rock University student attempting to develop a theater camp for high school students, her role is anything but pretend. The badge brings SRU's total on the year to three following awards to the business and education programs earlier this summer. To the unknowing observer, the rock wall shouldering the Trans-Canada Highway, where the road sidles the banks of Kama Bay near Nipigon, Ontario, is just that, a rock wall. But for a faculty-student research team at Slippery Rock University, the site demands a much closer look.

Leave it to a Slippery Rock University student to use a metaphor about smoothing rocks to describe the daily grind of a summer research project. The two bags that each Slippery Rock University student are allowed for their service-learning trip to Peru are symbolic in that their mission is two-fold. On one hand, the trip will provide excellent field experience; while on the other hand, the donated physical therapy equipment they will take with them will help support people in need.

When Dr. Two Slippery Rock University professionals will be part of a panel discussion about equal access to education, 6 p. Nancy Lutz might be tempted to spike her conducting baton like a football after retiring as the artistic director of Three Rivers Ringers, the Pittsburgh community handbell ensemble that she founded nine years ago. In fact, the opposite is true. Slippery Rock University has earned a Field of Study badge for professional programming in education from the Colleges of Distinction. The two-and-a-half-year process began last fall.

Three of the 12 Slippery Rock University students who attended a disability sports conference in Scotland last month missed their commencement ceremony at SRU. Slippery Rock University has been ranked by as one of the top 10 best online colleges in Pennsylvania for by OnlineColleges. The Pittsburgh Steelers hosted the first session of a two-day, non-contact football camp at Slippery Rock University's Mihalik-Thompson Stadium for boys and girls ages , June Lindsey Matthews just completed her junior year at Brashear High School in Pittsburgh and she already has her sights set on becoming a teacher.

Dance, one could say, is one of the most expressive forms of unspoken communication. Its power to overcome language barriers was a lesson learned by a group of Slippery Rock University students during a day faculty-led, study-abroad program to Italy. Pittsburgh will be one of more than cities worldwide that will be filled with the sounds of music June 21 in celebration of International Make Music Day. A faculty-student research team at Slippery Rock University is seeking a better way to soak up the sun this summer.

According to a U. Slippery Rock University has been ranked as one of the 50 best schools in the country for education majors Study. Before Sharon Mburu arrived at Slippery Rock University, she never gave bicycles much thought beyond their being a convenient and inexpensive mode of transportation. She offered to help a recently hired faculty member on a project before the professor even arrived at SRU.

During her time as a Slippery Rock University student, Suzi Bloom found that faculty often floated the idea that keeping environmental education tied to local communities would have a greater impact on their residents. Beginning with the season, the series will include nationally known speakers presenting featured lectures as part of its offerings. Pennsylvania Gov. One hundred years ago today, June 4, , the U. Congress passed the 19th Amendment, prohibiting states and the federal government from denying women suffrage, or the right to vote. All meetings are open to the public. Memorial Day is observed in the United States, May 27, this year.

Although the meaning and even the name of the national holiday has diverged and expanded from what its organizers intended, the original purpose is not forgotten, according to Alan Levy, Slippery Rock University professor of history. An experimental test that occurred years ago changed the way scientists look at the forces of nature. When Cathy Burnheimer dropped off popcorn for a fundraising event hosted by the Butler County Alliance for Children last year, she walked away deeply saddened but committed to doing more.

Like many college seniors, Shakelah Harrigan experienced the stress of final exams and the relief of graduating, all in one week. Slippery Rock University conferred more than master's degrees and hooded nearly 60 doctoral candidates at its May 10 graduate student commencement ceremony at Morrow Field House. Nicole Stout, a Slippery Rock University graduate with a degree in community health, was one of two individuals awarded the John H. Everything from rugs and lamps to cleaning and school supplies make their way into University dumpsters.

Slippery Rock University's Office of Global Engagement hosted a Global Graduation Ceremony May 7 to recognize graduates who are international students, international exchange students and American students who studied abroad in long-term, credit-bearing programs. Eight Slippery Rock University groups will travel internationally as part of SRU faculty and staff led summer study abroad programs. While most of the programs will head to countries often visited by the University, such as Italy, Japan and Norway, a new program focused on leadership will take students to a country that no SRU student group has visited in recent memory.

Maraina Miles has a name befitting of a geology researcher. She studies moraines, which are rock formations deposited by glaciers and a near homophone of her first name. What would final exam week at Slippery Rock University be without the traditional "Moonlight Breakfast" to kick it off? For individuals on the autism spectrum, or with sensory or special needs sensitivities, attending a live theatre production can be daunting. Slippery Rock University students and faculty were selected to serve prominent roles in the National Flute Association's annual convention, Aug. It is tentatively scheduled to reopen Aug.

During the closure, summer food operations will shift to Weisenfluh. Becky Thomas, a Slippery Rock University assistant professor of parks, conservation and recreational therapy, recently co-authored a paper that was published for open access in Conservation Science and Practice, a journal of the Society for Conservation Biology. Brett Barnett, a Slippery Rock University professor of communication, recently had an essay published in a special edition of Journal of Hate Studies, the only peer-reviewed academic journal exclusively devoted to the study of what hate is, where it comes from and how to combat it.

When Istvan Kovacs was 11 years old he watched the Hungarian national table tennis team upset perennial powerhouse China in the world championships. His appreciation of the sport only grew when his father set up a table for him and friends to learn from the players they watched on television. Slippery Rock University will confer more than 1, degrees during a trio of commencement ceremonies May at Morrow Field House. Two Slippery Rock University students recently exhibited artwork and presented an interdisciplinary research project at the National Conference for Undergraduate Research at Kennesaw State University.

If you were stranded on a desert island and had one book to read, which text would you select? Twelve Slippery Rock University students recently presented research at the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania University Biologists meeting at Edinboro University, including three students who won first-place awards.

When the inventors of a new physical therapy device wondered how best to launch their product, rather than struggle alone, they enlisted the expertise of two people with ties to Slippery Rock University. Although Marjorie Stephenson a former professor and librarian no longer works at Slippery Rock University, her influence is still felt today through a scholarship awarded in her honor. As a computer science professor at Slippery Rock University, Deborah Whitfield speaks in the 1s and 0s of binary code, but when it comes to exercising, her body only computes a zero.

That all changed in when she signed up for the Rock Personal Training Program, a service at SRU where exercise science students in the Senior Synthesis course provide one-to-one fitness instruction to students, University employees and community members. People often compare an undesirable and lengthy waiting period to having served a prison sentence.

But unlike the commencement ceremony march that is played annually, this one, by a particular species of insects, will be heard for the first time in 17 years. The association will also honor a number of students with awards and scholarships. Jason Kush, a Slippery Rock University associate professor of music, has accepted an invitation to be a guest saxophone teacher at Universidad de Antioquia in Medellin, Colombia, July Slippery Rock University President William Behre today announced a restructuring of his leadership cabinet. Joanne Leight knows how important it is for faculty to serve as one-on-one mentors for students and how that relationship impacts their role as academic advisers.

As a Slippery Rock University professor of physical and health education and department chair, Leight guides anywhere from students each academic year through the advising process. Stephen Larson, a Slippery Rock University associate professor of business, recently became a Certified Information Systems Security Professional after he completed a course and passed an exam developed by the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium.

Dunlop served as the SGA's vice president of internal affairs for academic year. Army where participants operated an unmanned aircraft system through an obstacle course in the shortest amount of time. Becky Thomas knows that just sharing subject matter with her students alone does not make her an effective teacher. Be it through a service-learning opportunity or via philanthropy with a student club or organization, there is no shortage of active involvement on campus or in the community. Slippery Rock University has been recognized as having one of the country's best dance programs for by DanceUS.

An group of 15 Slippery Rock University students were recently inducted as the inaugural class of the Order of the Sword and Shield, a national honor society for homeland security, intelligence, emergency management and protective security studies disciplines. Slippery Rock University students in the Public Relations and Integrated Marketing Communication Capstone course developed campaigns to improve public services, and for one student, that meant pitching ideas to the same people who seven months earlier were risking their lives to save his family's home.

Brett Barnett is proof that one cannot be timid when approaching scholarly or creative work, especially when that work examines societal problems and grim realities. A group of Slippery Rock University students were recognized by the American Marketing Association for their submission in a national marketing competition. A recent emphasis to promote a healthy lifestyle is the practice of mindfulness, which is being aware of your body, mind and feelings in the present moment to create a sense of calm.

Kenneth C. Army Special Forces soldiers based in Johnstown. During his lifetime of experiences as an environmental advocate, including a decade as president and CEO of the National Wildlife Federation, Larry Schweiger has closely followed the effects of climate change. Since Lalanda Stromp joined Slippery Rock University in , two things have remained consistent: SRU's culture of caring and its commitment to its students. The works of 55 SRU students are featured in the exhibit that is on display through April Slippery Rock University has been recognized as having one of the country's best online master's degrees in English by OnlineCourseReport.

SRU ranked No. Student organizations at Slippery Rock University have planned for big events before, but until this year they had never planned The Big Event. The Slippery Rock University council of trustees said goodbye to one of their own while celebrating the accomplishments and achievements of a variety of students today at their quarterly business meeting.

Two Slippery Rock University alumni were selected for the Access Fund-Jeep Conservation Team to travel the United States in Jeep Cherokees to help restore deteriorating recreational climbing areas across the country. Forty years ago today marked the worst nuclear energy accident in United States history.

The incident continues to have ramifications for the nuclear energy industry and safety management professionals. Susan Lubinski, a Slippery Rock University associate professor of homeland and corporate security studies, recently was invited to speak at the U. This year's destination will again take them north of the border to Montreal, Quebec, the second-largest French-speaking city in the world.

A total of Honors College students will visit Canada's second-largest city, April Slippery Rock University's council of trustees will meet March Pragati Rawat, a Slippery Rock University assistant professor of political science, presented papers at two recent conferences and for a workshop in Mexico.

Slippery Rock University is hosting a Wellness Expo, 9 a. Slippery Rock University's online master's degree in elementary education: K reading has been named one of the 50 best programs in the country by OnlineMasters. Noe Ortega, Pennsylvania's deputy secretary for postsecondary and higher education, and Reuben Mills, director, bureau of postsecondary and adult education, met with Keith Dils, dean, Slippery Rock University College of Education and President Bill Behre to While March is a time when Slippery Rock University students are anticipating warmer temperatures and the end of the academic semester, it is also a time for non-graduating students to consider getting ahead in their academic pursuit, by registering for Summer Session classes.

It won its eighth designation in July Kathleen Neeley, a Slippery Rock University graduate with a degree in elementary education, has published her novel, "The Street Singer. Whether they are attempting to discover a more effective procedure to diagnose depression or coming up with better ways to predict how petroleum will react under varying conditions, Slippery Rock University students are diving deep into research. Now, they get to share it. Slippery Rock University has been recognized as having one of the 20 most affordable online doctoral degrees in special education programs in the country by AffordableSchools.

Through the study of biomechanics, health-care professionals learn about the structure and function of biological systems, or more precisely, the movement of the human body. There are plenty of concerns that creep into the minds of incoming college students long before they ever step foot on campus.

But none is quite like the anticipation — read: anxiety — of meeting a randomly assigned roommate. A faculty-student research team from Slippery Rock University has received a grant to study forest fire management in rural China. Technology is rapidly changing the way teachers engage their students in the classroom, so before Slippery Rock University education students enter their field experience as student-teachers, they are oriented to existing practices and new technology they could encounter.

The Slippery Rock University Media Hall of Fame has released the names of 11 nominees for its class of inductees. Darin Clark, a Slippery Rock University graduate with a degree in resource management, was recently promoted to land management group supervisor of the Pennsylvania Game Commission. Long before social media and even before Americans watched television to follow the news, a crime captured the attention of the entire nation, and it involved a famous family with a loose tie to what is now Slippery Rock University. Brett Barnett, a Slippery Rock University professor of communication, served as a judge for the Festival of Media Arts Film and Video Competition, hosted by the Broadcast Education Association, an academic media professional organization.

What would Slippery Rock University look like if it were to become a more racially diverse community? Showtimes are p. Elizabeth LaGamba, a Slippery Rock University instructor of elementary education and early childhood, was awarded the Outstanding Ed. Two Slippery Rock University faculty members from the Department of Communication will present at upcoming national conferences.

Those investments of course involve upfront costs such as textbooks. Ramon Gardenhire, a Slippery Rock University graduate with a degree in political science, was appointed by Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker as deputy chief of staff for policy in the Office of the Governor. Slippery Rock University has received approval from Daniel Greenstein, chancellor of Pennsylvania's State System of Higher Education, to begin offering master's degrees in accountancy fall and social work fall David Skeele, a Slippery Rock University professor of theatre, will have his work featured in "The Best Women's Stage Monologues ," an anthology of the best playwriting from the theatrical season.

The book, to be released this fall, will be published by Smith and Kraus. When John Rindy became director of career education and development at Slippery Rock University seven years ago, he estimates that his office saw about students per semester for services such as resume reviews. Slippery Rock University has received a grant from the Centers for Disease Control through the Pennsylvania Department of Education to implement school wellness programs at six school districts in western Pennsylvania. Alan Lombardo, a Slippery Rock University graduate with a degree in biology, was recently named the chief executive officer of Sheltering Arms Institute in Richmond, Virginia.

Joel Antonucci, a Slippery Rock University graduate with a doctoral degree in physical therapy, was named to The Incline's Who's Next Fitness and Health list of young Pittsburghers who are leaders in the field of wellness. For many students, Feb. Cheyenne Perkins, a Slippery Rock University graduate with a degree in English literature, wrote a book of poems called "Darkest Dreams" that was recently published by Newman Springs Publishing.

Now, it can count three Slippery Rock University students among its researchers. The trio is helping scientists from around the world discover better ways to use supercomputers. It is the 22nd consecutive year the event has been hosted by SRU. When animal-assisted intervention students at Slippery Rock University were told there would be a surprise in a class last week, they figured a professional therapist would be bringing in a four-legged assistant.

Jude Children's Research Hospital. Slippery Rock University's Feb. Slippery Rock University will join millions across the globe in celebration of the Chinese New Year from a. February is International Recreational Therapy Month and Slippery Rock University is recognizing the event in a variety of ways, including: celebrating, educating, giving back and even conducting activities underwater. A group of 13 Slippery Rock University flute students will take the stage with 30 area high school students Feb. Slippery Rock University honored the success of its Panhellenic fraternities and sororities in the areas of leadership and philanthropy at its second annual Celebration of Excellence in Fraternity and Sorority Life Award Ceremony Feb.

Next stop, Pittsburgh! With more students, class offerings, activities and an elevation from a program to a college, the Honors College at Slippery Rock University keeps getting bigger and stronger. Slippery Rock University has been named one of the top 50 schools in the nation for finance according to study. Slippery Rock University is partnering with SAS Institute, a leading developer of analytics software, to host a one-day conference about current trends in the data analytics community.

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Slippery Rock University has been named one of the top 50 schools in the nation for business according to study. Matt Hoffmaster, a Slippery Rock University graduate with a degree in sport management, was named assistant general manager of the Reading Fightin Phils, a minor league baseball affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies.

Malick Coly was only a few days into his first semester as an instructor of modern languages and cultures at Slippery Rock University when he reached out to the local community with an idea of starting a film series. The walk to work or class is typically a time when many people put in their earbuds, stare at their shoes or smartphones and block out the world.

The first live televised news conference conducted by a U. President is a topic broadcasting and history buffs enjoy discussing. Michael Allison, a Slippery Rock University graduate with a bachelor's degree in secondary education, was elected president of the Pennsylvania Principals Association. Note to folks who received drones or other unmanned flying objects as holiday gifts: before you can use them on, or over Slippery Rock University, you must apply for permission to do so.

When Ryan McClaren was pulled out of the passenger side of an inverted Nissan Z on a back road near Kent, Ohio, last May, he was unconscious and covered in gasoline with multiple injuries that included a lacerated spleen. The EDMAs recognize the best educational websites, digital content, electronic communications, mobile media and social media. An idyllic image of college life often includes images of students sitting cross-legged underneath a large canopied tree reading their textbooks, cheering on sports teams or tossing a Frisbee back and forth.

The longest shutdown of the federal government in U. When Aaron Cowan brings up the topic of Prohibition in his history classes at Slippery Rock University, some of the students are astonished. Jeff Smith, chair of the Slippery Rock University council of trustees, president of the Pennsylvania Association of Council of Trustees and Butler City Council secretary, will wear two more hats this week.

Life for nearly 1, hearing-impaired citizens in the Honduran capital of Tegucigalpa changed dramatically last November when a team of sorority members from Delta Zeta partnered with the Starkey Hearing Foundation to bring the gift of hearing to them. Slippery Rock University has been ranked among the top colleges and universities in the world for environmental sustainability.

With only four days old may seem like a long time off. The Rocket, the independent, student-run newspaper at Slippery Rock University, has earned seven awards in the Gold Circle Awards for outstanding collegiate journalism. The Columbia Scholastic Press Association sponsored the competition. Slippery Rock University has been ranked among the best nursing schools in Pennsylvania by nursingschoolsalmanac.

The holidays are often a time for people to gather around a table, share a meal and nourish a sense of community. Administration, coaching, communications, community relations, IT. The list goes on and on. Graduates, families and friends gathered at Slippery Rock University Dec. Adrianna Bielby has wanted to go to Spain since she first took a Spanish class as a freshman in high school. Nancy Cruikshank, Slippery Rock University director of grants, research and sponsored programs, was named president of the Society of Research Administrators International's Education Division for Predominately Undergraduate Institutions.

Hold your horses everyone, Storm Harbor Equestrian Center at Slippery Rock University is about to have more space for foot traffic, and, of course, hoof traffic. The exam is one of three administered by the NBEO that optometry students must pass to become licensed practitioners. When Slippery Rock University students travel abroad, they get the opportunity to meet all kinds of people, explore new places and sometimes help to make the lives of those they encounter a little better. The American Chemical Society selected the ACS student chapter at Slippery Rock University with a Commendable award for the chapter's activities conducted during the academic year.

There are few things in life that are certain but one thing you can always count on is Slippery Rock University kicking off final exam week with its annual "Moonlight Breakfast" at Boozel Dining Hall. Students across Slippery Rock University are preparing to jump the final hurdle of the fall semester: exams. The NCA advances communication as the discipline that studies all forms, modes, media and consequences of communication through humanistic, social scientific and aesthetic inquiry.

All U. Army ROTC cadets studying at colleges and universities across the country, regardless of the size of their institution, are ranked among their class based on criteria such as grade-point average, physical training scores and serving in leadership positions. Celebrating success and community service were the order of the day today at the quarterly meeting of the Slippery Rock University council of trustees. The annual holiday dinner at Boozel Dining Hall Dec. The event included education about the seven principles of Kwanzaa, while embracing African culture and heritage through food and entertainment.

Kwanzaa is celebrated Dec. Yvonne Eaton-Stull, a Slippery Rock University assistant professor of public health and social work, and Ana Soeder, a senior social work major from Greensburg, recently led a workshop at the Crisis Intervention Association of Pennsylvania's annual conference. If a streetlight burns out, the bulb is replaced. Denny Douds, a Slippery Rock University graduate with a degree in physical education, retired as head football coach at East Stroudsburg University after 45 years of leading the program. Slippery Rock University's council of trustees will meet Dec.

Committee meetings will take place Dec. Vivian Stringer, a Slippery Rock University graduate with a degree in physical education, recently became just the fifth NCAA Division I women's basketball coach to reach 1, career wins. Leonard Pounds, a Slippery Rock University graduate with a degree in information technology, was recently named the vice president of clinical operations at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The dance floor, that is. Hosting one postseason sporting event is no easy task, with the competitors and the weather not known until a few days before it starts. Imagine the challenge of hosting six championships in one day. Slippery Rock University is making it easier for students to continue to enjoy their preferred food service meal plan when the spring semester begins.

Jon Holtz, Slippery Rock University's director of athletic communications, was featured in multiple formats by the College Sports Information Directors of America as part of the organization's membership recognition week. Emphasizing the person, not the disability, is one of the many topics being addressed by the Slippery Rock University President's Commission on Disability Issues. Slippery Rock University students and faculty recently presented papers at the American Society of Criminology's annual meeting in Atlanta. Seven score and 15 years ago, Abraham Lincoln delivered his famous Gettysburg Address at a dedication of a military cemetery in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, where four months earlier the decisive battle of the American Civil War was fought.

Slippery Rock University's Jason Hilton, associate professor of secondary education and foundations of education, and James Preston, assistant professor of elementary education, have been named co-editors of Pennsylvania Teacher Educator, a peer-reviewed print journal published annually for members of the Pennsylvania Association of Colleges and Teacher Educators. Domestic terrorism, hate crimes and homegrown violent extremism are becoming more prevalent in America as evidenced locally by the mass shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh.

Becky Thomas, a Slippery Rock University assistant professor of parks, conservation and recreational therapy, recently presented research with students and colleagues at two conferences, helping environmental and sustainability education professionals become more engaged in their communities.

When students at Slippery Rock University enter the Eisenberg Classroom Building they are greeted with two large digital displays, one of which has been around for exactly years. A university in Uganda successfully implemented a soilless system for growing plants thanks to a partnership with Slippery Rock University. Braden MacBeth, a Slippery Rock University senior computing major from Butler, recently wrote an article that was published on Science-Based Medicine, a website that explores issues and controversies in relationships between science and medicine.

There are nearly international students attending Slippery Rock University from more than 30 countries, each with a different background, worldview and comfort level for engaging with the campus community. Robert Snyder, SRU professor of elementary education and early childhood, served as the keynote speaker. Rhoda Nussbaum and Dr. Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

Michele Baldwin, who in November became the first woman to paddleboard miles on the Ganga River in India, died in the early morning of February 5th, This past summer she learned that the cancer had come back in an aggressive, untreatable form. On this amazing pilgrimage Michele stood astride a snub-nosed version of a surfboard and for several weeks did a "Stand Up Paddle" down the Ganga also known as the Ganges River. It came to me like a little secret whispered in my ear. The video log of her expedition explodes with energy, color, and stunning backdrops.

Here is an adventure featuring a noble soul mingling with a cast of thousands, shot against torch-lit rivers in an ancient land. Get tested. Get a Pap today if you haven't. Do your own dreams, reach further than you thought possible, help more than you imagine you are able. The Times of India On a mission: A woman, a river and a cause. Indian Express Rafting trainer paddles through the Ganges for cancer awareness.

Forty-five-year-old Michele Baldwin was diagnosed with terminal cervical cancer last year. Using this as an opportunity to raise public awareness about the disease, she is now paddling down the Ganga to educate the women about cervical cancer. With her at every step of the journey is her mother, who follows her along the shore. The expedition, which started from Rishikesh two months ago, is being supported by a non-profit organisation, Global Initiative against HPV and Cervical Cancer.

Baldwin camps at the river banks and speaks to women in the area about cervical cancer, her fight with the disease and how simple tests can help in early detection and possible cure of the cancer. Several thousand women in India die due to cervical cancer, which is one of the few cancers that can be detected early on and cured. She says being on the Ganga gives her peace and she that she has always been fascinated by the river which means so much to the Indians. In her words, the experience on the river has been inspiration till now,'' said Dr.

Read online at The Hindu. Allow trials for a vaccine to prevent cervical cancer. In the US, it affects 6 million new cases each year while in India it leads to one female death every minute on account of cervical cancer.

El portal de les emocions del vi on els amics trien

With India having suspended the trials of the two available vaccines - one developed by Merck and the other by GSK - in the wake of ethical and safety concerns, Krishnan, also founder of the Global Initiative against HPV and Cervical Cancer GIAHC , strongly defends use of the vaccines, which, she claims, can save the lives of 80, Indian women every year. Why is HPV such a huge cause of concern worldwide, more so in developing countries like India?

HPV is among the most widespread sexually transmitted viruses both men and women can have. At least 50 percent of all sexually active people will be infected with the HPV in their lifetimes. While 90 per cent infections resolve on their own, others persist and can be life threatening if not detected and managed.

What is the controversy around the HPV vaccine all about if its safety and efficacy has been tested and documented? The controversy really is about ideology versus scientific development. Critics of the vaccine believe that administering children with an HPV vaccine might lead to enhanced sexual activity among youths and undermine family values. They also say it might create a false sense of security among children that they have been protected against a dreaded STI once they have been vaccinated. But the fact is we actually have enough evidence to support the safety and effectiveness of HPV vaccines and recommend them for children.

This vaccine will potentially reduce the occurrence of the second leading cause of cancer in women around the world. Canada and Australia have included this vaccine for use. Are safety concerns around the vaccines not real? Merck's HPV vaccine Gardasil has been out for five years and 35 million doses of the vaccine have been administered.

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The Centre for Diseases Control CDC which recommended the vaccine in the first place, has been monitoring any adverse effects which show up six weeks after the vaccine has been administered. To date, we have found no link between the vaccine and adverse effects though some side effects like swellings have been reported.

What is the CDC's argument behind recommending vaccines for children even when controversies continue to surround their use?

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HPV is a silent disease and may cause no external symptoms. All these strains can be prevented by the quadrivalent HPV vaccine. In my book, I have presented evidence of the vaccine being a cost-effective intervention. Let us remember, cervical cancer is the only cancer that's preventable with safe, inexpensive methods. Safety systems can be built into the programme of vaccine use. You said most HPV infections get resolved automatically. Why do others like HPV 16 and 18 stay? What are the risk factors? Tobacco use is a major risk factor. People who have HPV and who smoke are at 2.

Smoking releases carcinogens that weaken immunity. In a country like India where 70 pc of the people live in villages, what is the easiest way to detect cervical cancer? A Pap Smear Test is a must and it is a very simple test that can be easily administered in any location. The Government must build the capacity by roping in NGOs interested in strengthening the screening network for cervical cancer. Click here to listen to the interview. Read Dr. This controversy has once again been rekindled in the recent Republican Primary debates between Texas governor, Rick Perry and Congresswoman, Michelle Bachmann from Minnesota, where she emphatically stated that Merck's HPV vaccine, Gardasil, causes mental retardation.

As a as a physician, a parent, and the author of the award-winning book The HPV Vaccine Controversy: Sex, Cancer, God and Politics Praeger, , I feel compelled to comment on this issue: A report presented by four different sources to the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices ACIP , an independent panel of experts that advises the CDC, on vaccine policies, found no signals to link Gardasil directly to any of the serious adverse effects that have been publicized in the media.

In order to clarify this and help consumers make the best-informed decision before vaccinating, it is helpful to understand the difference between a side effect caused directly by the vaccine , and an adverse effect which usually occurs within six weeks after the administration of a vaccine but may or may not be related to the vaccine. The two most common side effects reported are pain at the site of injection, followed by swelling and redness. These are temporary symptoms and resolve within a few days, as is the case with most other vaccines.

It is obvious that the more number of shots administered, as of June 22, , 35 million doses of Gardasil had been distributed , the more likely the chance for these rare and unexpected events to occur. It should be noted that there is no report from the CDC of Gardasil resulting in mental retardation.

The HPV vaccine has established a decent track record at five years post-licensure. Based upon these current findings, the FDA strongly recommends vaccinating the target population: year-old females and males. The CDC will continue to be vigilant and monitor safety data on an ongoing basis. Nevertheless, it is helpful to remind ourselves that regardless of how well studies are conducted, gray zones of risk exist. The history of medicine has shown us that such unfortunate events do occur for unknown reasons, and research is underway to study if genetics and environmental factors have a role to play in such rare and serious events.

One should always balance the greater good with these potentially minimal risks when evaluating the advantages offered by new and emerging medicines. In the case of the HPV vaccine, it would be a shame if negative attention created by a few rare effects hampers the efforts to reach millions of women and men who risk losing their lives to HPV related diseases including cancers, particularly cervical cancer, both in our country and around the world. Translation: The nurse just told me I do not have cervical cancer, and even the little white spot I had treated three years ago is still gone.

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  8. Household vinegar. Every year, more than , women die of cervical cancer, nearly 85 percent of them in poor and middle-income countries. Decades ago, it killed more American women than any other cancer; now it lags far behind cancers of the lung, breast, colon and skin. It makes precancerous spots turn white. They can then be immediately frozen off with a metal probe cooled by a tank of carbon dioxide, available from any Coca-Cola bottling plant. The procedure is one of a wide array of inexpensive but effective medical advances being tested in developing countries.

    New cheap diagnostic and surgical techniques, insecticides, drug regimens and prostheses are already beginning to save lives. With a Pap smear, a doctor takes a scraping from the cervix, which is then sent to a laboratory to be scanned by a pathologist. Many poor countries lack high-quality labs, and the results can take weeks to arrive. Women who return to distant areas where they live or work are often hard to reach, a problem if it turns out they have precancerous lesions. Miss Maikaew, 37, could have been one of them. She is a restaurant cashier on faraway Ko Chang, a resort island.

    The same thing had happened three years ago, and she did have a white spot then. They resemble warts, and are caused by the human papillomavirus. It was frozen off with cryotherapy, which had hurt a little, but was bearable, she said. Thailand has gone further than any other nation in adopting it. More than 20 countries, including Ghana and Zimbabwe, have done pilot projects. It reveals pre-tumors with more accuracy than a typical Pap smear. But it also has more false positives — spots that turn pale but are not malignant.

    As a result, some women get unnecessary cryotherapy. But freezing is about 90 percent effective, and the main side effect is a burning sensation that fades in a day or two. Wachara Eamratsameekool, a gynecologist at rural Roi Et Hospital who helped pioneer the procedure. At a workshop, nurse trainees pored over flash cards showing cervixes with diagnosable problems.

    They did gynecological exams on lifelike mannequins with plastic cervixes. They performed cryotherapy on sliced frankfurters pinned deep inside plastic pipes. Then, after lunch, they broke into small groups and went by minibus to nearby rural clinics to practice on real women. Because cervical cancer takes decades to develop, it is too early to prove that Thailand has lowered its cancer rate.

    In fact, Roi Et Province, where mass screening first began, has a rate higher than normal, but doctors attribute that to the extra testing. But of the 6, women recruited 11 years ago for the first trial, not a single one has developed full-blown cancer. Paul D. Blumenthal, an American gynecologist working in Africa, and Dr.

    Rengaswamy Sankaranarayanan in India. Blumenthal said he and colleagues at the Johns Hopkins medical school had debated ways to make cervical lesions easier to see, and concluded that whitening them with acetic acid would be effective. Freezing off lesions is routine in gynecology and dermatology; the challenge was making it cheap and easy.

    Liquid nitrogen is hard to get, but carbon dioxide is readily available. Thailand seems made for the vinegar technique.

    It has more than , nurses and a network of rural clinics largely run by them. Also, while poor rural villagers in many countries go to shamans or herbalists before they see doctors, poor Thais do not. Thailand has a 95 percent literacy rate, and doctors are trusted. The king is the son of a doctor and a nurse; his father trained at Harvard.

    One of the royal princesses has a doctorate in chemistry and an interest in cancer research. Blumenthal, who has taught with her. In , she read one of Dr. Without her connections and powers of persuasion, said Dr. Bandit, it would have been impossible to get the conservative Royal Thai College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists to give up Pap smears, or to persuade Parliament to allow nurses to do cryotherapy, a procedure previously reserved for doctors. She sells snacks in Bangkok, and her husband drives a tuk-tuk motorcycle taxi. So she and her husband drove the 12 hours here, to her native village, in his tuk-tuk.

    When she found out she was negative, she sat in a chair fanning herself. GIAHC has made a lot of progress in the past few months. Here are some of the highlights:. They are screening an average of two villages per week. Mysore: Dr. The sexually transmitted human papillomavirus causes nearly all cervical cancers. In a Roche study of over 47, women, those who tested positive for HPV had a Stoler led the Roche study and has been a consultant for Roche and several other makers of HPV tests.

    C on Friday, March Several more women have been screened and referred for treatment in Kutch. More villages are interested in having their women screened and treated for cervical cancer. Left: Dr. Few doctors have the expertise to discuss women's concerns about the effect of cancer on their sexuality, although doctors routinely bring up such questions among men treated for prostate cancer, senior author Dr.

    Stacy Tessler Lindau, an associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology, said in a medical center news release. They feel like the problem is primarily in their head. Some have also reported feeling less attractive after treatment. The study involved gynecologic and breast cancer survivors, ages 21 to 88, with the average age of Researchers found that 42 percent were interested in receiving medical help for sexual issues, but only 7 percent asked for advice. Women who had been out of cancer treatment for more than a year were much more likely to want advice than those currently in treatment -- 47 percent vs.

    Younger women were more concerned about sexual issues than older women, but more than 22 percent of women over 65 also said they wanted medical care for their sexual issues, said the researchers. The study was recently published online in the journal Cancer. She and other physicians in Illinois are working to establish a program to help both doctors and female cancer patients deal with these issues. This year nearly 4, of these women will die of an advanced form of this disease.

    First opening to the public as the El Paso Aerial Tramway, the facility provided rides from to , when high liability insurance costs forced the tram to stop public operations. The tram was only used to service the transmitter towers. Wyler donated the tramway for public use in his will. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department accepted the donation in and renovated and re-opened the tramway to the public in The park is popular for recreation such as birdwatching and bouldering, and is culturally and spiritually significant to many Native Americans.

    This significance is partially manifested in the pictographs rock paintings that can be found throughout the region, many of which are thousands of years old. In any given climbing season, which generally lasts from October through March, it is common for climbers from across Europe, Asia, and Australia to visit the park.

    Only North Mountain is accessible without guides, and then only for about 70 people at any given time. The park offers camping and showers for a small fee a day or, as is most popular for climbers, the nearby Hueco Rock Ranch offers camping where climbers can relax and socialize. The Chamizal National Memorial is a A museum detailing the history of the Mexico—U. The city is also home to municipal parks. The metro area has 16 golf courses including Butterfield Trail Golf Club, the only public premium daily fee Tom Fazio designed golf course in the state of Texas.

    Next door in Dona Ana County there are the following golf courses:. The city government is officially nonpartisan. Mayors and city council members are elected for four year terms and may not be elected more than twice or serve for more than 10 years in their respective offices. Those elected in and will serve regular four-year terms. The city operates under a council—manager form of government. Power is concentrated in the eight-member elected city council and mayor, who hire a manager to carry out its directives and oversee the delivery of public services.

    The current city manager is Tommy Gonzalez [] and the current mayor of El Paso is Dee Margo , who was elected to the office in The terms of Lizarraga, Ordaz, Salcido, and Svarzbein will end in Ordaz has been on the council since , Svarzbein since , Annello, Hernandez, Lizarraga, Morgan, and Rivera since , and Salcido since Due to the term limits clause of the city charter Ordaz and Svarzbein are ineligible for reelection.

    All other councilors and the mayor are eligible for reelection.

    A Bluff City Bicentennial: From comic to tragic, here are 200 pieces of Memphis' history

    The commissioners and the county judge are Democrats. Leon and Perez were first elected to their positions in , were re-elected in , and have been in office since Stout was first elected to his position in , and has been in office since Samaniego and Robinson were first elected in , and have been in office since A small sliver in the eastern part of the city is part of Texas's 23rd congressional district , represented by Republican Will Hurd. The El Paso Community College serves most of the area as well as several technical schools and for profit schools.

    Numerous accredited private preparatory schools also serve El Paso students. The University of El Paso offers the country's only bilingual M. The industry groups' tertiary vocational programs, give workforce training in automation, robotics and AI technology [] []. It consists of 12 branches, a bookmobile, a mobile computer classroom and a mobile outreach unit Kidsmobile.

    It also has multiple outreach services available. The paper was shut down in El Paso also has some weekly and niche magazines:. Over time, as more television stations signed on, more cable channels were added and those stations added network affiliations, the Los Angeles and San Antonio stations disappeared from the lineup. University Medical Center is the only level I trauma center in the region. The hospital will be affiliated with the Texas Tech Paul L.

    Foster School of Medicine. In , The mode share for El Paso city commuters are In , 7. The national average was 8.

    Brush Country Woman Centennial Series Of The Association Of Former Students Texas A M No 26 1988

    El Paso averaged 1. The Sun Metro Mass Transit System operates a system of medium- to large-capacity natural gas-powered buses all around the city of El Paso. The first electrified line across the Rio Grande, which opened on January 11, , was preceded by a network that relied on animal labor. The system quickly spread into residential and industrial areas of El Paso. This resulted in the formation of El Paso City Lines, whose domestic streetcar lines were replaced by buses in In , Sun Metro was named the most outstanding public transit system of the year in all of North America for a mid-size transit system by the American Public Transportation Association.

    The city collects tolls at its international bridges. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see El Paso disambiguation. City in Texas, United States. The Sun City, [1] El Chuco [2]. Location in El Paso County and the state of Texas. Main article: Northwest El Paso. Main article: West central El Paso. Main article: Northeast El Paso. Main article: East El Paso. Main article: Mission Valley El Paso. See also: List of tallest buildings in El Paso. Central business districts of Texas 's ten largest cities Main article: Culture of El Paso. Main article: El Paso in popular culture.

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    Watch The Great War | American Experience | Official Site | PBS

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