Mechanosensitive Ion Channels

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After choosing a subject in the menu, waiting time is necessary for the page to upload. This Explorer Kit includes mechanosensitive ion channel antibodies with their respective peptide control antigen. An ideal tool for screening purposes. Mechanosensitive ion channels MS channels represent a diverse population of ion channels.

Other membrane-associated proteins with different biophysical properties apart from ion channels, specialized cytoskeletal proteins, cell junction molecules and G-protein-coupled receptors and kinases, among many others are also considered mechanosensitive 1. MS channels integrate a variety of mechanical stimuli such as shear stress, tension, torsion, and compression and translate them into short-term effects i.


MS channels are detected throughout evolution, from bacteria to higher order organisms including mammals 3. Recent studies have demonstrated that defects in mechanosensing potentially lead to diverse diseases and disorder, such as hearing loss, cardiomyopathies, muscular dystrophies, chronic pain, and cancer 5.

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The Action Potential

Bright contrast Dark contrast. Reset contrast Grayscale. The physiological function of MSCs in many tissues is not known, but they probably arose from the need for cell volume regulation. Recently, a peptide called GsMTx4 was isolated from tarantula venom and is the first specific reagent for mechanosensitive channels. It is active in the D and L forms, and appears non-toxic to mice.

GsMTx4 has shown physiological effects on cationic MSCs in heart, smooth muscle, astrocytes, and skeletal muscle.

Mechano-Sensitive Synthetic Ion Channels | Journal of the American Chemical Society

By itself, GsMTx4 can serve as a lead compound or as a potential drug. Its availability opens clinical horizons in the diagnosis and treatment of pathologies including cardiac arrhythmia, muscular dystrophy and glioma.

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